LOGOUT is a procedure whereby we exit from the digital world, thus allowing us to disconnect and acquire a vision of greater awareness.

It is an artistic path that focuses on the relationship between digital technology and man, and vice versa, through a series of audio-visual and interactive installations.

LOGOUT is a snapshot of the present, past and future in which we find ourselves and in which digital has a marked social, personal and environmental impact. With this very personal exhibition, WOA Creative Company studio takes a critical and self-analytical look at the tools it adopts in everyday life, thus reflecting on their impact.

A unique experiential itinerary made out of 6 immersive installations.


Samuel Morse invented the telegraph in 1837. For centuries, human communication had always taken place like this, between sender and receiver. Our means of communication has changed so much since then. There are no longer wires to carry our words. We meet in formless places, we socialise, inform each other, create content and exchange all kinds of communication in undefined virtual spaces.

Can we still talk about a message between transmitter and receiver?

Our new media are actually environments of continuous, multiverse, infinite exchanges that shape our cultural and social spheres. Agorà is both a medium and a physical environment, and just like digital media, it recreates a space in which the person is at the centre, in which the power of the individual is amplified by the opportunity of continuous exchange, by giving and receiving. Agorà recreates an active process that evolves and changes thanks to human interaction, while also influencing our perceptions and emotions.


Underground, where natural light doesn’t reach, plants process information and communicate with each other through an immense network of roots that perfectly express the concept of mutual aid.

With ORIGINI, WOA Creative Company will highlight the connections that are created in the basement of the museum, representing the inter-connected relationships between human beings as the origin of cultural and artistic growth…

The roots, symbol of solidity and tenacity and the starting point of everything, branch off throughout the “Basement”, the point of origin and foundation upon which the upper rooms of the Kunstkraftwerk are built and rise up.

PAUSE. Reflect.


Since the dawn of time, our ancestors have looked up and gazed at the stars for signs and answers. The skies we have watched for centuries have now changed, preserving and protecting their enchantment, but denying us our desires.


Everyone needs time to pause and reflect. Our days are a continuous flow of content and information that has become background noise in our life: inattention, distraction and superficialty are so pervasive that they are now endemic to our society. How much inattention can we afford in an age when so much still needs to be done?


We live in an interconnected age where the life of each individual translates into information, photos, passwords. In a single word: data. “Digital Shadow”, stands as a reflection and an exploration of the intricate relationship of man with his virtual identity. A digital Vitruvian man is a perfect two-fold representation of the duality of the digital and physical worlds.


We created computers, we created the algorithms that animate them and then we set them free, to grow and nourish themselves until we saw them become big, ever-faster, more evolved, more creative. We educated them by feeding them with our history through a continuous stream of data entered on search engines, databases, social media and voice assistants.

AI has become our reflection, the digital mirror that translates decades of information into artificial images. By asking an artificial intelligence to represent intrinsically human feelings and abstractions, we asked ourselves a question: who educated AI in this task? Who owns the data processed by machine learning? Can an AI represent all cultures equally?

Symbiosis- 222

Nature that is alive and pulsating. A journey that from the roots rises to the surface, and is released into the forest. Just like molecules, the same molecules that make up all living beings and unite us to the entire ecosystem, we experience birth and opening towards a world that appears to us to have evolved according to purely digital criteria.

The scans realised with photogrammetry technique in the woods of Northern Italy and the “Clara Zetkin” park in Leipzig are the mirror of an aesthetic re-evaluation of the natural element in a digital key that we apply every day like a filter on the outside world. This room becomes a portal between two equal and complementary universes, which merge together until they lose their boundaries and blend into one another.


A digital art gallery that investigates the relationship between man and technology through works characterized by different languages ​​and styles.

8 artworks reflecting on machine aesthetics, digital symbols, and the human presence in the digital era.


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Fallin’ sky




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Behind the scenes

How does an idea come about? How do you design and put together an exhibition? This short documentary shows what goes on behind the scenes at an art studio, showing the lengthy evolution of the creative process and the coordination needed to mount an exhibition.

Brainstorming, sketches, live tests, accurate scheduling, hours of planning and finally entire days of setting-up. A glimpse into our little big journey in realising LOGOUT.